6 Tips On Becoming A Successful Private Detectives

 If you are currently trying to start a career as a private detective in Singapore then you have made the right choice. Singapore is a city with an increasing demand for private detective services. Companies, legal firms, and ordinary citizens alike regularly use the services of private detectives in order to gather evidence to support their case in court, and a good private investigator can make a lot of money even if he is self-employed. But as the demand for private investigating services have grown so has the competition. If you want to keep yourself at the top of the game these 6 tips will help you build your reputation as a successful private detective in Singapore:

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Every private detective is required by law to obtain a Workforce Skill Qualifications (WSQ) to prove that he is qualified to do his job while complying with the laws of the Republic of Singapore. In the course of obtaining your WSQ certification you will receive classes on Singapore's legal system as well as in investigating techniques, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to do your job efficiently while respecting Singapore's laws. Getting a license is not easy, there are many tests that you have to pass, but it is a basic requirement to be a private investigator as well as a statement of your skills and knowledge. Good credentials will also help you attract more customers. If you are able, you should consider certifying yourself with a private detective organization like the World Association of Detectives. This will increase your reputation and help you attract bigger customers in Singapore who are looking for private detectives for overseas operations.


As a private detective surveillance forms a big part of your job, and during your career you will spend thousands of hours following and gathering information about your targets. There are many technological gadgets that are useful when gather evidence for your clients: from high-resolution digital cameras that allow you to take photographs from a safe distance, to small video cameras that can be hidden inconspicuously inside a pair of glasses or a baseball cap. Investing in technology will make your job easier and allow you to gather solid evidence for your clients. Remember that your clients hired you to gather evidence - usually to prosecute a law suit - and therefore the quality of the evidence you obtain will have a big impact on the success of your client's law suit.



A private detective's job can sometimes walk over a thin line between what is legal and what is not. Though recording in public is allowed, filming inside of a person's house can get you in trouble, specially if what you recorded can be considered obscene material. The same caution must be taken when gathering electronic information which is regulated and protected by the Computer Misuse and Cyber security Act. You should always understand the legal boundaries of what you are doing in order to avoid getting into trouble by breaking the law.

For the most part private investigators don't need to carry guns but there are times and places that you may consider advisable to carry a firearm for your own protection. If you do decide to get a carrying permit it is important that you familiarize yourself with the gun laws of Singapore as well as with the city's penal code to understand your rights, where you can carry your gun, and under which circumstances you are allowed by the law to use your firearm to defend yourself.


A good private investigator always nurtures good relations with his local police department that will help him to do his job efficiently while respecting the city's laws. The Singapore Police Force is not only a wealthy source of information for your investigation - allowing you to look for criminal records, missing files, and other important sources of information for your investigation - it can also give you a steady source of employment in the long run. The Singapore Police Force usually employs private investigators to pursue gathering evidence in situations where their own police officials are constrained by the law or by circumstances from continuing an investigation. Private investigators play a crucial part in many police investigations, working hand in hand with police officers while gathering information on criminal investigations. If you are interested in working with the police, make sure you understand how their investigations are carried so that the information you obtain is admissible in court.

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Discretion is one of the most important character traits that a private detective most have yet sadly many don't hold up to it. The people who seek the services of private detectives are usually interested in gathering their information in the most discrete and private way. It is not easy for a client to go to the office of a person they don't know and ask him to meddle into their personal affairs, so you should always be professional enough to know your boundaries and respect your clients enough so that only you and him know any details about the investigation.

Avoid talking about your job when you are following somebody, and always look to blend into the crowd when carrying a surveillance operation. A satisfied customer is always your best presentation card. Make sure that you discuss the details of how you are going to conduct the investigation with your client before you start gathering any information. Explain to him how much your services cost, and what information you are allowed to and not allowed to gather according to the law.


Finally, it is important that no matter what case you are investigating you take them seriously and do your best to give your client what they need. Whether it's tracking down a missing person, looking evidence of infidelity, finding a crime's eye witness, or just catching the cleaning lady stealing from her employers' house, the dedication that you give to your work is your best credential that your services are the best in Singapore and that you are worth every penny.

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