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It doesn't matter what problem you have, you've found the perfect investigator you could rely on!

Our clients enjoy knowing that they’ve given their trust to one of Singapore’s premier private investigators. We specialize in background check information and surveillance– an assurance that you wouldn’t waste your money and time. In fact, it’s also the reason why more and more attorneys are turning to our agency when in search for a private investigator to assist them in court. We’re proud to say that our investigative clients range from corporations with large scale investigations and national law firms, to private individuals who are in need of assistance. We value our reputation, that we try our best to only provide fast, efficient, discrete, and thorough private investigations. Best of all, our services are offered at a very competitive price.

Just like what our name suggests, we’re experts when it comes to surveillance. Likewise, we only use state of the art equipment. Usually, beyond what most private investigators use, and we combine it with experienced and trained investigators, making us the top choice for surveillance. Also, we specialize in intellectual property, copyright, adultery, mystery shopper, background check, fraud investigation, and many more.

Believe it or not, intellectual property and copyright issues deprive legitimate companies of approximately 250 billion dollars a year. However, our company could help you determine if your patents, intellectual properties, or trademarks are being exploited and we’ll enforce your rights under patent laws. Our thorough investigations would help you identify the perpetrators, locate them, and determine when your products were used without your consent.

* Covert Surveillance
* Copyright Infringement
* Undercover Operations
* Court Testimony
* Counterfeit Product Investigations
* Statements and Interviews
* Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
* Non-compete Inquiries

When the fear of infidelity begins to bother you, there’s a great chance that you’re in search for answers. Also, we’re aware that contacting a private investigator to check on your loved one who’s committing adultery could be hard on your part, but keep in mind that living in fear and doubt could be worse. Thus, not only will our investigators get you the evidence you need to move forward in life, we’ll do it with great care and precaution. We’ll make sure to keep your identity a secret.

* Cheater’s E-Mail, Chat Room Discussions and Internet Activity
* Asset Searches in Singapore and Beyond
* Tracking the cheater’s vehicle
* E-Mail Tracing
* Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
* Identification of the “Other Person”

We all know that your employees are the key for a successful business. Unfortunately, they don’t always do their respective jobs when you’re not around. In some cases, they even alienate the customers, cost you massive amounts, or revenues, and they could destroy your reputation, and even steal your money and assets.
We’re a private investigative agency that’s highly experienced in undercover investigations, such as:
* Mystery Shopping
* Restaurant Spots
* Professional Shopping Services

We have worked with retail clients, professional service firms, restaurants, and outside services, such as construction and housekeeping. In each case, we use skilled investigators that don’t only provide you with an accurate, discreet, and a measurable investigative report, but they could also testify for you in court if needed.
The areas we can address:
* How your staff welcomes and treats the customers.
* The cleanliness and overall appearance of the business.
* What the staff is actually doing during his/her shift.
* The quality of your products.
* Compliance by your staff with any laws or regulations that’s related to your industry.
* Honesty and adherence of your employees to company policies.

It doesn’t matter if you need assistance in order to make the right hiring decision, you’re currently dealing with a law suit, or you just need to know something about someone in your life– in order to forget those fears and suspicions you have. We’ll try our best to get you the information you need that will help you make the right decision. When it’s really important, it’s not enough to rely on some instant Internet database to get the information you need. Thus, if you need it done right, don’t hesitate to call us and you’ll have an experienced, private investigator to help you.

What makes our service stand out:
* We’re private investigators and not a database search company.
* We’ll meet your deadlines, no matter what.
* We’ll tell you the origin of all the information we provided.
* We have an actual investigator that specializes in background checks.
* Tell us about your concerns and we’ll focus on that.
* We only provide a detailed, and comprehensive report.

Also, when you need REAL information, you’ll be rest assured that it’s what we’re going to provide, not five year old databases offered by “Internet detectives.”

Truth be told, most of the “Background Check” websites provide nothing more than FREE public record sources, or they purchase old, outdated information and resell it to you at twenty times its original cost. What they fail to provide is the actual background check– which is particularly true, especially for the “Instant background check” agencies.

On the other hand, our agency has no shortcuts, fluff, gimmicks. We know that our clients are individuals concerned about themselves, families, loved ones, and co-workers. Thus, we know that we shouldn’t waste their time and money, but help them get the information they need.

Apparently, there’s a new lawsuit or scandal every week, and it’s often caused by an agent or employee who cheated or harassed their employers or co-workers. This results in wasted time, broken lives, and massive lawsuits. That’s why our agency provides an alternative approach that would allow us to achieve an accurate investigation.

Our Fraud Investigations Division is composed of qualified experts that have experience when it comes to uncovering fraud cases and they could investigate them and provide tangible results by the end of the day. Likewise, our investigators have the capacity to solve complex cases and meet your objectives. Our main concern is to detect and prevent fraudulent actions from occurring.

Our agency handles the following:
* Sports History Investigations
* Work History Investigations
* Recorded Statements
* Business History Investigations

The includes asset searches, e-mail tracing, recorded statements, locating individuals, and a lot more. It doesn’t matter what your concern is, we’ll try our best to provide the help you need, while keeping your information confidential.

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