How To Protect Your Whatsapp From Hacking?

In present time, whatsapp is probably the most important method of communication for people. People share a lot of their personal information on whatsapp and that is why Hackers are not trying new hacking method to hack this medium of communication. Some people can also assume that whatsapp enabled the end to end encryption so it is not possible for others to hack into your account. Indeed they may not read your messages in the transit period, but this does not mean hacking is not possible. There are so many hacking methods that can allow hackers to read your whatsapp data. For your information I am going to talk about how to protect your whatsapp from hacking.

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Keep your phone locked:
Many time you may be responsible for hacking of your whatsapp account. If you have a tendency of not keeping your phone locked, then you are vulnerable for different kind of hacks. Ideally, you should always keep your phone protected with a strong pin or lock and you should never share this lock with anyone. If you will leave your phone anywhere in unlocked state, then people can open your phone, they can see your whatsapp messages, they can reply to people or the can just forward some important messages to their phone using your account. After that they may delete that detail and you may never know about it. So, it is always a good idea that you keep your phone in a locked condition while leaving it at any place in any situation. In this situation if people will get access to your phone then also they won’t be able to get any aces to your data.

Check whatsapp web connection:
Many time people login on whatsapp web and then they leave their connection as it is. If you log in on whatsapp web, then it is always a good idea that you logout from that as soon as you leave that computer. Also you should check your whatsapp regularly and you should logout from whatsapp web if there are any connection. You can do that from whatsapp menu and whatsapp web. There you can see active connection for web and if you see any then you can simply log it out. That will protect your account from hacking and you will be able to protect your data in a much better and smarter manner.

Do not share your phone:
Sharing phone with unknown people can also introduce you with whatsapp hacking. If you are giving your phone to other people for calling or playing game, then they may use that time to access your whatsapp account as well. If you are giving phone to them for either of these purposes then you will have to give the phone to them in unlocked situation. That also means you will give complete access of your phone to them and they may do whatever they please to do. So, make sure you never share your phone with anyone including your family member and outsiders.

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Install applications wisely:
There may be several applications that allow you to make changes in look of your whatsapp, emoticons and other things. That can surely increase the value of your whatsapp, but it can also increase risk of hacking as well. If you install a wrong application that is not good or authorized then that application might get complete access to your phone or whatsapp account and you may become a victim of hacking. That is why it is very important that you do not install any application that does not come from a trusted store. Also, when you install the application on your phone make sure you pay minute attention on the permission part. Many people simply install the application and they accept the default permission asked by that app. If an application ask any permission to access your whatsapp data, then you should approve it only if you know the reason else deny that request. Alternatively you can avoid installing that application to stay away forms phone or whatsapp hacking.

Check data backup methods:
Whatsapp allows you to take your chat history and other data to synch on the web using google drive and some other tools. You can also take manual backup by other methods. What you do the backup, then it is extremely important that you choose right kind of option of backup and you keep that secure. For example, if you are using your google drive to take the data backup, then you need to keep that account also very secure. If a person get success for hacking your gmail account, then chances are very high he will get acess to your whatsapp data as well. So, make sure you keep this thing in your mind to avoid any kind of complication. And if you take manual backup on your computer or mobile devices that you need to keep that secure to avoid this hacking of your data.

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Do not share your sim:
This is a very important thing that you need to remember if you want to keep your whatsapp away from hacking. Many people use a separate sim for their whatsapp account, they configure whatsapp on that number and later they take out the sim from phone. That may be a good thing and there is nothing wrong in it either unless you are making a criminal activity with it. However, you need to make sure that you keep your sim safe with you. Even if you are not using it for calling or other purpose you should never share this sim with anyone else. Also, each sim can have a specific lifetime and if your service provider a lot that sim to other people, then they may get access to your whatsapp as well. Hence it is extremely important that you do not make this mistake either nad you keep your sim with you all the time. Same goes for the number as well and you should not allow other people to get hold on your phone number to avoid the whatsapp hacking.

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