Why Hire Us To Find A Missing Person?

It is quite hard to explain the feeling of losing a close family member or a close friend simply disappears. Every day in cities and towns in Singapore, people go missing sometimes being victims of crime and other times, people just disappear on purpose trying to run away from certain problems they do not want to assume responsibility for. Missing people do not have to be necessarily abducted, they could also be deadbeat dads who disappeared, runaway children, birth parents, missing heirs or long lost relatives.

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Now, if you are going through such an ordeal, the best thing you could possibly do in order to locate your missing person is to hire a private investigator. Like most people do, you will have to get a reputable private investigation firm in Singapore to locate your loved one or the person responsible for a certain accident and needs to pay especially if the law does not involve itself in that situation. When you hire us and let us locate the person you are looking for, you will be able to relax because your case will be in capable hands.

What You Need To Do

The very first thing you should while after you hire the private investigator in Singapore is to provide them with information, you should provide them with all the information needed without holding anything back so that the search can be effective and successful. Some of the things you need to know are the names of the missing person, their birth date, their last employer, the last location you know of, any of their relative as well as a recent address, it will be very helpful if you have some or all the above information. The more information you give your investigator , the faster and easier it will be for them to locate the person.


Reasons to Hire Us


In order to have the person you are looking for located effective immediately or at least as soon as possible, you need to have a company with experienced and well-trained investigators, which is what you will get. With us, you will have skilled professionals who have the expertise to carry out a search in the best way possible.


When you are searching for a missing person especially if it’s a loved one and you badly need to locate them, you need to have a company that specializes in looking for missing people. This will mean they are experts in that particular field and they have all the necessary resources to see to it your missing person is found. We are not just pros at tracing frauds or detecting crimes, we have in house experts who will help out in locating the person you are looking for.

Compliance with the law-

If you want to know a great PI company, it one that complies with the law, it is only right that you be dealing with a company that updates on the latest in the industry as well as strictly follows the ethical codes of all their relevant professional associations.

National coverage-

To be able to find your missing person, you can be sure that we will locate them no matter where you or they are in Singapore doing everything necessary in order to give you the best service.


Having a legal private investigation company means that we have the necessary professional indemnity insurance with all the right policies.

We handle our cases-

There are numerous PI companies who choose to outsource manpower from elsewhere who might not be as experiences as the facilitator claim and it might take you longer than necessary to locate the missing person. With us, you can be sure that we will handle the case internally with the professionals we have trained and are sure of in order to get you fast and positive results.

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How Private Investigators Locate Missing People

You must be wondering by now what PIs do in order to find the missing people and you should know that they have in their possession a wealth of information as well as methods that make them the best option for such cases. Actually, sometimes they are better suited than the police because they are faster, more reliable and more effective. They possess the ability to perform physical searches through air water and land. Professional and reliable private investigators also have network contacts from different walks of life and they can easily tap on those contacts to get certain tips and information to speed up the search and locate your person sooner.

These professionals are skilled at making observations as well as track potential leads and it gets better with the advancement of technology, because there are numerous online tools we use to locate someone according to the information you provide. We will carry out background checks, credit checks as well as land and asset searches and get information from people who would not directly deal with law enforcements. Once there is a potential lead, there will be a trace to locate the person and make sure that it leads to the right person unless it ends up to be a dead end, then a different trace will be followed.

So, if you want to locate a loved one, parents, long lost friends, partners or even spouses you deserve to have a company that is knowledgeable as well as reliable and a company that is confident in their abilities to locate missing persons. Having the right investigator searching for the person you need to locate is one of the most imperative steps you can take in order for your case to be a success and you should hire one you can trust will all your confidential information.

You can even ask to have confidentiality and include it in the contract you will both have. Of course, as much as a PI would like to help you out, you also need to be aware that investigations could take a long time before successful results so you need to be patient and trust that your investigator is doing everything in their power.

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