What Are The Liability And Legality Of Skip Tracing

The process of locating the whereabouts of a person for various reasons is known as skip tracing. This task is performed by the persons known as skip tracers, who accept it as their primary profession. In this terminology Skip refers to the person to be traced from a new location other than his usual hide and Tracing refers to the search of the missing person. In order to know about the legalities and liabilities of skip tracing in Singapore you must know some basic things about the execution of this process.

Liability And Legality Of Skip Tracing

Methodology used for skip tracing

The process of skip tracing can be executed only after collecting information about the missing person as much as you can. This information is thereafter reduced, verified and analysed to get the closest information. Sometimes availability of too much information confuses the real information about the missing person. Today methods of social engineering are used for this purpose which makes this job much more than sheer searching process.

It involves visiting or calling the neighbours and other contacts of the Skip who may sometimes give misleading or false clues. The records collected and used by skip tracers may include credit reports, phone numbers, information provided on credit card or loan application, criminal background, job information, social security, utility bills, public tax and disability information about the skip. They may have to get proper search warrant to get some of the information while some can be publicly available. So to get such search warrants the Skip Tracing service providers should be legally licensed investigators and service providers.

Who can use this service?

The process of skip tracing is normally used by a wide range of businesses including process servers, debt collectors, repossession agents, bail bond enforcers, attorneys, private investigators, journalists and public investigators like police detectives along with private individuals to locate an individual whose present whereabouts are not available. Such techniques are also used to find out witness for criminal cases.

Things to consider while starting skip tracing business

The business of debt collection or skip tracing can be profitable for the enthused investigators as they can operate it from a small office or even from their home. Most of important thing for the owner of debt collection business is their legal and liable acceptance by their customers for whom they have to find debtors. Along with liabilities and legalities of the skip tracers there are certain other things to be considered while starting this business.

Professional experience:

Before starting your own business of skip tracing you should first of all have experience in this line by working with some other professional agency of debt collectors. In this way can be familiar to the working of this entire process along with getting hands-on experience of an effective debt collector. You can get more information, on-job-training and knowledge about this business by working with more than one professional organisation. Moreover some of the organisations offer online training and certification courses for the people trying to make their career in the field of debt collectors after being certified debt collector. Such organisations also provide online support by providing latest tools in this regard to their members. Similarly the organisations ensure on behalf of debt collection companies that their members are ethical and fair debt collectors.

Liability And Legality Of Skip Tracing

Licenses and permits:

In order to legalize the business of skip tracing every state issue licenses for this business on the basis of their special qualifications. You can visit the valid website of your state government to know more about the requirements for the licenses and permits for starting the business of debt collector. The page of the website will tell you about the necessary permits and licenses as well as the requirements of taxes, health, building, zoning, alarm and occupational signage required to start this business in Singapore.

Legal obligations:

The business of skip tracing is registered in the state where you are going to start it. Your full name can be the legal name of your agency if you are its sole proprietor. This name will be used as the legal name of your organisation in all the legal and governmental documents. If you want to start your debt collection business with some other name then you will have to register it with some fictitious name with the registering agency of your state government. Moreover you also have to decide about establishing the legal entity of your business from partnership, proprietorship, LLC or corporation if it has more than one owner. You will have to register it with your state government on the basis of your business entity to get all the benefits in local and state taxes, workers compensation, tax identification number, disability insurance and unemployment benefits.

Beginning costs:

Though enormous money is not required to start the business of skip tracing in Singapore but still many overhead expenses can increase its initial costs. So you need some cash to meet start-up expenses as the commission of debt collectors ranging from 20-30% can be collected only after accomplishing your job effectively. Your customer will give your commission only after you have collected his payment from the debtors. Until then there are several items including wages, gas and mileage etc. for which you will have to arrange money from other resources to pay for them. Though you can get finance for your business from some bank but that may cause delays as many formalities are to be fulfilled to get loan from a bank.

Office supplies and marketing material:

If you want to operate your business of skip tracing from an office then you will have to arrange essential supplies for it like phone connection, computer, internet access and printer etc. Moreover you may need to download software to print the forms required for submitting reports about the collection of debts. Similarly you may need to design brochures, business cards, letterheads and signs to advertise your business of debt collection.

Legal support:

You may need the help of a competent attorney to provide legal support to the activities of your agency. You can limit your liabilities as the owner of skip tracing agency by hiring a collection attorney to assist you. He can take legal actions on your behalf whenever required to protect and enforce the rights of your clients.
Thus you will have to fulfil the liabilities and legalities described in this write-up to start the business of skip tracing.
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