Laws You Must Know about Private Investigator in Singapore

Any issue in your business? Any issue in your relationship with your spouse? Looking for a private investigator in Singapore? If so, there are certain things you need to consider when you are planning to hire a have private investigator.

Private Investigator

Private investigator as a professional

Private investigator business in Singapore is lucrative. There are many circumstances where a private investigator may be required in by many people. And the laws and rules also permit private the working of private investigator Agencies. However, you need to research little thoroughly when you have a plan to hire a private investigator.

Check if the issue that you are confronting can be investigated by a private investigator

It is important to know what private investigators do. They perform a wide range of work tasks and it is not limited to any particular type. For example, they perform:

- Employee surveillance
- Spouse surveillance
- Surveillance of children
- Finding out missing persons,
- A family member and gambling
- Investigation of trademark infringement

To obtain evidence or proof that is required in civil or criminal matters.

Investigation work that requires special approval

By law, investigation assignments associated with political personalities, consulate, foreign diplomats, and their families as well as conducting of surveillance, protected premises, government buildings, a foreign consulate, departure and entry checkpoints private schools.

Private investigators are legally required to undergo formal training to achieve license from Singapore Police result in C. A private investigator can advise clients as to the reality of the methods used in the investigation.

Private Investigator

Type of Investigation work that private investigators are forbidden to do

There are many such things which can't be investigated by private investigators. The following set of Investigation private investigator must not do.

Hidden camera

Whether hidden spy cameras used is legal depends on its uses. Up to 2013 there there there are no specific privacy laws in Singapore spy camera is generally used by private investigators use spy cameras to but it but I should use it within the purview of the last.. It is also important to note that the cameras can be used at only places or premises as approved by the client or owned by them. For example the main entry of a house the living room et cetera.

The private University later cannot use the spy cameras involving me in short women or makes derogatory picturing of the home or storing objectionable videos or content, it will be a criminal offence on the part of the investigator.

If the investigator is performing investigation in dealing with a divorce case, the client and the investingator both run the risk of being put on criminal-charge for using illegal methods of recording and spying others’ activities.

Hacking accounts of individuals including bank accounts, on social media accounts, email account run the risk of being charged with criminal offence by the laws in Singapore because doing such activities is a violation of the law of the country.

Must work within law

Private detectives are experts in analysing different things and can extract valuable information on a given case. This doesn't mean that they can go beyond law. They must be within the limits of law. That is, they have to abide by the provisions of all relevant laws.

Quality private investigator – how to find one?

This is important if you are looking for a private investigator to collect evidence from your school, business which you cannot do yourself and which needs to be handled confidentially and carefully. If there is no strong evidence or there is no strong case against the other person, chances of winning in court are slim.

Further, to get the evidences and other things, you cannot take law into your own hands. Under the circumstances, getting the private investigator will help. They will bring you the accurate and inductor information without getting it leaked. Thus, for instance, if you are conducting surveillance on your spouse and if caught in the process, it may lead to severe injury to your relationship.

For what tasks

In Singapore, private investigators can help you in cases associated with investigation of civilian or criminal case, suspicious infidelity, tracing out missing people and others cases. They work to find out the truth and will work within the purview of the law.

Getting and hiring a good investigator is a little easy. They may be operating singly or there may be a network of them or a net work of single investigators. You can it on the Internet as well as in brick-and-mortar home.

Single investigators might be able to deal dealing with a limited types of cases. If you choose an agency, it will be useful because such agency will be offering a wide range of spying services. This is because agencies have different item of people with different backgrounds.

Private Investigator

The relevant laws

Note there’re different laws such as the Private Security Industry Act and relevant legislations that are subsidiary to this. All these law together regulate the business, and the way they should conduct business. All the private investigators and agencies have to be licensed by appropriate authorities, which enable them to carry out the internet business.

Code of conduct

There is a code of conduct for private investigators, which they have to comply with. They should not submit any false representation to any person or agency about their level of training qualification skills or their agency. It is a violation of the code of conduct.

If you hire the private investigator, you should get to know about these aspects. Do a little research online you could also take the help of word of mouth - you can ask your friends, family is and so on in the neighbourhood. This is likely to be more authentic.

Cost of the investigation

It is also important to know the price pricing policy of the private investigator. Check with how they are charging - whether they are charging case by case or an amount of money per month or per consultancy. This will help you bring the best value for your money without wasting your time and effort.

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