How To Hire The Best Private Investigator

A private investigator is a person who is hired by private entities to conduct investigations where the authorities can’t help, or the client has more trust with private investigations. There are many reasons why many people in Singapore may choose to hire a private investigator. As investigations conducted by authorities may be slow and at times biased, many people end up hiring a private investigator so that their cases can be handled faster and with care.

Private Investigator

Private investigators work for private citizens, organizations such as insurance companies, and also attorneys. Following are some of the situations where private investigators may be helpful.

1. Suspicious insurance claims

As claiming for compensation is the right of the insured, not all claims will be genuine. Some people will insure themselves or their property with an insurance company to fraud it. Thus it is always good for an insurance company to hire a private investigator in case they notice any suspicious claim. An investigator will carry all the investigations attentively and determine whether the claim is genuine or not.

2. Cheating partner

Cheating is one of the leading causes of divorce in Singapore, but before accusing your spouse of cheating and ask for divorce you need to be sure. This is a very sensitive subject that you can not conclude without enough evidence. A private investigator will help you to uncover the truth before you take any action. A wrongly taken action can lead to regrets and this why you should have enough evidence before proceeding to court to ask for a divorce. With a private investigator, you will never go wrong.

3. Missing person

There is nothing hurt more than the pain of having your loved one go missing. Without the know-how of your brother, sister, or parent you can never have rest until you know where they are. Although it is the responsibility of the authorities to investigate such cases, their process might be prolonged. This is the time when you will be very impatient, and you need to have the investigation done faster to get your loved one. This is where private investigators will come in. They have skills and equipment that are required to track down a missing person.

4. Long lost friend

Friends are among the most important things that one has. Losing contact with your best friend can keep you thinking about them and until you get into contact with them is when you will relax. Although there are social media platforms that help people to connect with their long lost friends, it is not always sure. There are times when you can’t track your friend through, and you will need to hire a private investigator to help you get in contact with your friends.

5. Neighborly disputes

You may have neighborly disputes with your neighbor because they are engaging in illegal activities and you feel threatened. Even if you are sure they are carrying out a criminal activity you will always need to have enough evidence before you can accuse them and report to the authorities. A private investigator will take the risk for you and investigate the matter. After getting enough proof from the investigator, you can now take the next step.

Private Investigator

How to hire the best private investigator

While there are many private investigators in Singapore, not all of them will be able to handle your case the way it is required. You will need someone with enough skills and equipment to get the best information out of the investigation. So how do you get the best investigator?

Get referrals -
Ask your colleagues, friends, and relatives to recommend you the best investigator. You can also check for recommendations from social media.

Search on the internet –
You can do google search to check the available investigators in your local area. Get their contact and interview them to know if they are the right candidates.

Cost –
An expensive investigator will not guarantee the best service. Hire an investigator because of what they will do and their experience but not because they are cheap or expensive.


Private investigators will investigate any case faster and attentively. What they charge will be worth what they will do. They will save you from delays and inconveniences associated with responsible authorities. Remember to choose someone who has good character, experience, equipment, and the best price.

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Singapore Leading Intellectual Property, Copyright, Adultery, Mystery Shopper, Background Check and Fraud Investigator

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