7 Reasons To Hire Us As Your Pre Employment Investigator

Before discussing the reasons to hire us as your pre-employment investigator in Singapore you must have brief information in this regard and its importance. In fact investigation or checking of the background of the individual candidate before offering him/her an employment is a process of checking the authenticity of the personal information provided by him/her. Most employers engage private surveyors to check the background of the candidates they want to hire to work with their establishment. They check the genuineness of the information provided by the candidates in their resume which may range from general investigation to the investigation of their criminal records to be sure about their dependability. They also check the public and financial transactions of the would-be employees in this regard.

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Importance of pre-employment investigation

Most business owners go to hire pre-employment investigator to investigate a particular individual or all the candidates they want to hire even if they have to spend lots of money and time for this purpose. In fact they want to ensure their trustworthiness as many business secrets are exposed to them after being hired.

Many important benefits an employer can get after hiring a pre-employment investigator like us for checking the background of his employees before offering them employment may include:

Hire the best and qualified employees:

The business owners can discourage the applicants with criminal background from applying for the vacant positions by hiring us as their pre-employment investigator at the place of their business. According to various studies most of the resumes provided by the applicants to potential employers contain false or misleading information which cannot be detected without proper investigation. We can help in verifying the qualifications of the candidate before offering them employment.

Reduce turnover and other costs of the employee:

You are not only putting the security of your business at risk by hiring a wring candidate but also increasing the turnover cost of your employee. If you have given employment to a wrong candidate then its effect will be reflected in the operation of your business and the responses of your customers. In such situation you will be compelled to fire your tainted employees which will increase the cost of your business operation as you will have to spend more time and efforts in finding right candidates for your business. This cost can be reduced if you hire use as investigator before hiring them.

Reduce the chances of careless hiring:

By hiring us your pre-employment investigator you can reduce the chances of hiring your employees carelessly. We can make background checking of all the candidates before you actually offer them employment which will also reduce the wastage of money and time involved in this process. You can know about the fitness and knowledge of the employee for your business and develop healthy relationship with them after checking their background thoroughly. You business may have to face legal problems for the injuries caused by your employees to third persons, if you have not investigated about their background before hiring them.


Background checks of different types:

The pre-employment investigators conduct various types of background investigations which can help an employer in finding the right candidate for his/her business. These investigations may include:

Checking the accuracy of the information provided in the application:

The candidates with tainted background usually give false or misleading information in their applications. Our pre-employment investigation will reveal all the spots where wrong information is provided by them.

Check criminal record:

You can ensure the trustworthiness of your employee before offering him employment by checking his criminal record through us. Such checking becomes more important if the business is directly linked with public, customers, children or patients etc.

Investigation of DMV records:

As pre-employment investigator we can check the DMV record of your prospective employee if you are offering the job of driver in your business. Such checking can ensure that you are not hiring a wrong person for a responsible position.

Pre Employment Investigator

Check with former employer:

Before hiring a candidate you want to involve in your business it becomes necessary to know his background from his previous employer to be sure about his behaviour and the responsibilities tackled by him at his last posting. This investigation cannot be done by the employer himself without hiring a pre-employment investigator like us. It will also help you in knowing the reason of approaching you for the employment.

Investigation of credit record:

Though the checking of personal credit record is restricted by federal and state laws but for certain types of employment opportunities it is legally permitted. We can do such checking competently as experienced investigator as we are in this business since many years.

Proper use of investigations:

Though some of these investigations can be conducted by the employers themselves but while tackling certain situations it becomes necessary to hire a private agency or investigator for this purpose. They know how to use the information collected by background checking of the pre-employed employees properly in case of:

Determining the conduct and credibility of the employees
Get information of the business partners and potential employees
Check the legal position of the chances of investment
Know about criminal background or damages caused by the employee
Recover lost or stolen assets and protect the rest within your premises by maintaining their integrity.
Verify the compensation claimed by your employees.
Access public records to interrogate at the scene of investigation to clear up your office or household issues

Thus, for these reasons you should hire us as pre-employment investigator in Singapore to check the background of your prospective employees before actually offering them employment. We use various methods including interviews and surveillance to check their background. You can benefit your company in various manners by conducting thorough background investigation of your employees before hiring them. Hiring an experienced investigator like us can be more beneficial for you as the entire process requires wide range of skills to get the actual information. We can use our skills and experience of many years to take out appropriate information, even in critical situations, for the benefit of your business.

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