6 Myths On Private Investigator

A private investigator is the best person to contact when you want to carry out a background check on a particular person. They can also help when you have some adultery or copyright issues that need to be resolved. People have certain myths about private investigators. Most of them believe that a private investigator lives a glamorous life and has access to the latest technology and cars. This is usually based on what you see on movies and television shows. Here are 6 myths that people have about individuals who offer private investigation services.

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1. They Can Access Any Information

The most common myth about private investigators is the assumption that they have access to any kind of information. A large number of people believe that when they hire a private investigator, the individual will be able to get information that is not available to the public. But this is not the case. These individuals cannot access confidential documents and police intelligence. A private investigator can only get this kind of information if they have established relationships with police officers. They cannot access medical records, phone records, and bank statements without connections in the various industries. An ethical professional will have to go through the relevant legal channels to get this kind of information. The information has to be obtained legally especially if you intend to use it in court. Any information that is illegally obtained can damage your case.

2. They Guarantee Results

Another common myth is that a private investigator always gets the outcome the client wants. This is based on what people see on television because the investigators always solve each case they handle. In reality, a private investigator cannot guarantee results. A professional investigator will assure you that they will do their best to find what you want. The information you want may be unavailable and in some cases, the results can be beyond your expectations. When you hire an investigator, you should request them to do their best as opposed to expecting a particular result. You never know what the investigator will find when they go out in search of information.

3. They are Allowed to Break the Law

There is an assumption that an investigator is allowed to carry out illegal actions as they look for information. Private investigators are not police officers and they do not have the same rights and privileges. An honest and professional investigator knows that they cannot record an individual’s phone calls. They will identify alternative and legal ways to get what they need. An investigator can be arrested and charged for illegal acts even if they were acting on behalf of their client.

The Myths On Private Investigator

4. They are Armed

People expect every private investigator to be armed. But this is not always the case. An investigator may have worked in the military or police force but some of them are from other fields and do not necessarily have to be armed. Investigators may carry weapons if they feel that they are going into a dangerous situation. A gun is not a requirement and it is not always necessary during private investigations.

5. They have Fancy Cars

Television shows and movies always show private investigators in flashy cars and most people expect this when they hire one. A private investigator knows that their ability to get information is based on their discretion and for this reason; they do not want to attract attention. Fancy cars can attract a lot of attention when they are trying to track down someone and this can jeopardize their case.

6. Their Lives are Action Filled

People assume that private investigators spend their days chasing the individuals they are supposed to follow. A high-speed car chase is highly unlikely in an investigator’s day-to-day activities. Most of them will spend a lot of time in their car recording evidence. Some of the information will be obtained by simply making calls to their connections in the police force and other industries.

A private investigator will assist you to gather evidence legally. They will advice you on the kind of information that is required to help you win a case. A reliable investigator will inform you about what they can do before they start working on your case. This will ensure you do not have any unreasonable expectations about the outcome.
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