What Are The Basic Types Of Training A Private Investigator Will Get?

In Singapore, the job of a Private investigator (PI) is considered to be one of the most coolest and reputed jobs. Even the PI business is also getting quite popular nowadays with lots of job opportunities and scopes. Even the salary of a PI is also good whether you are working with an agency or an individual. Once you get highly famous and reputed, you can also start your own private agency rather than working under someone. But to become a private detective you have to go through a lot of training. Thus, it is best to enroll yourself into one of the best school where you can get trained.

Private Investigator

What You Need To Learn?

There are varieties of reasons why a person hire a private detective. It can be to keep an eye on their cheating spouse, children surveillance, check the gambling movement of a family member, copyright infringement, employee movement or maid movement surveillance. For this a thorough professional training is very much needed. Some of them are –

1. Roles and responsibilities:

When you are preparing yourself to become the private detective or investigator, you have to know the roles and responsibilities very well. So, it is very important to identify and interpret your job properly and also look at the requirement for the activities you have to perform.

2. Security operations:

They train you to perform security operations and also handling of different security services and incidents within the legal framework. With the help of this training you can understand the limitations of the operations and should not go beyond those legal limitations.

3. Handling security equipments:

When you are working as a private detective, you have to install a lot of security cameras and other equipments to make sure you get enough evidences. That is why it is very important to learn how to handle various security equipments and also to install them. Even you have to learn how to maintain the CCTV systems so that you can go through the video footages or record them properly. This is essential to keep an eye on a person and also record some video evidences against the accused person.


4. Counter attack or handling situations:

When you are working as an investigator, you may have to face some difficult situations where you have to fight through to save yourself. Thus counter attacks and methods to defend yourself are very important to learn. You have to make sure that you know enough skills to defend yourself properly. Thus a proper training in this is essential and also a part of the course in any institution.

5. Working with various tools:

In case of investigation, you have to know how to operate various tools and software to do proper researches. You also have to understand that these tools and software can help you a lot in the process of investigation. But these tools are different from others and you have to learn how you can use these tools. In a program to train you for private investigation, these lessons are taught.

6. Deploy dogs for security patrol:

Often during security patrol, private investigator has to deploy dogs. But you need to have a special kind of practice for this in order to deploy and manage the dogs. The sniffing dogs are considered as one of the best ways to find out certain things or missing persons. So, you need to learn how to control the dogs once they are deployed.

How To Become A Private Investigator?

Being one of the greatest professions, many people are opting for this. If you too have a likeness for this profession and want to become a private detective then you have to get into an institute first to complete your lessons and get a certificate. The certificate is a proof that you are well trained and eligible for becoming an investigator. Then you can find a job at one of the private investigating agencies in Singapore. You can also work for yourself but in that case you have to work a lot harder in the beginning to get some clients. Once you get reputed then you start on your own.

Training Private Investigator

Get a professional training

Once you have completed your training for the private investigation, then you are ready to become one. If you are not properly trained then you will not be able to become an investigator. Even it is quite difficult to get your things done. You need to know all the techniques and methods to solve a case and keep an eye on the accused person.


After your get trained completely from the program, you will receive a certificate. Now you have to apply for the license to continue your private investigation. Once you apply for this, you have to provide all the essential documents that are needed to justify your qualification. After getting your license, you can continue searching for the right job.

Search for jobs

There are many private agencies in Singapore that hire private detectives and investigators. You can do a thorough research on the agencies and choose the best one for yourself. It is better to apply in all the agencies and get into one for some experience and practical knowledge. This will definitely help you in future and get a better job as well.

Final Words

Thus, a proper training is very much important when you are focussed in the private detective jobs. Being a private investigator is not an easy task as you have to perform a lot of things on your own and even you have to take a lot of risks. Thus, you have to be well prepared all the time to solve a particular case. A client may come with any kind of cases like keeping an on his/her spouse, employees, maids, children etc. You need to create a complete log of the incidents and keep the evidences intact with you along with backups. All these have to be presented in front of clients as well as in front of court if necessary.

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