6 Ways To Know If Someone Is Lying To You

From sociology, human beings are social animals. In this respect, people are expected to interact with one another, without considering color, gender, race, nationality, religion, and so on. Indeed, for interaction to take place, communication is one of the vital media for giving socialization a chance in human life. And for communication to be effective, the parties involved are expected to exchange genuine information. In other words, speaking false information or rather telling lies is one of the greatest vice that makes hinder effective communication.


Well, in real life, people of Singapore often speak lies and treats it as one of the ways of trying to escape from telling the truth and view it as a tool that is important for survival. In the event that one party successful tells lies to the other party, there are higher chances that the lied person will be barred from getting the truth, hence infringing his or her freedom of communication. In this regard, it is very important to be on watch when communicating to someone so that you avoid being served with fake information (lies). Now, one of the most probing questions is: how do know if someone is lying to you?
Well, it is quite unfortunate that many people are not good at detecting lies. This is because the mechanism of detecting lies is a bit complex bearing in mind the well-calculated move of the person who has planned to lie to you. In addition, the natural tendency of human beings to trust each other and low-stakes interactions makes detection of lies even harder. In this regard, if the above has been your concern, then worry no more as this article has good news for you as it unveil a comprehensive list of top six simple ways of detecting lies without any hassle and high level of certainty. Without further ado, the following are eminent:

#1. Look for facial expressions

Ideally, the first glance of anything tells you all about it! The same ideology is applicable when you are trying to catch a lying person. As a matter of fact, the face of a person is one of the first places that reflects the true personality of that individual. You must have realized that when someone is sad or happy, it is shown entirely on his or her face. Similarly, when one is speaking lies, some micro-expressions appear for a fraction of a second on his/her face. In addition, prolonged eye contact is another facial expression that reveals that someone is lying. You will realize that a lying person either holds prolonged eye contact or avoids it completely, just to convince you to trust him/her. These facial expressions are direct indications that the person in quest is lying to you.

#2. Notice the body language

Well, body language is another key area to watch if you are trying to detect a lying person! Indeed, if you are speaking to someone and see that individual is using his or her hands to touch his/her nose, pull up his socks, comb his/her hair, rubbing his/her lips, tugging on his/her clothes, and many more susceptible body movements, know that the person in front of you is speaking absolute lies. On the same note, another thing to watch out if you are trying to detect a lying person is, that individual doesn’t typically sit up properly or straight while telling his/her lies. In other words, that cunning person feels somehow uncomfortable sitting in the same position, and he/she might even fuss or fidget for no substantial reason.

#3. Inconsistencies in the story they are telling

As a matter of fact, if someone is speaking the truth, he/she must have the factual story in his/her mind. Now, if you are in a discussion and you have the slightest doubt that the other party is taking you for a ride (lying), then detecting if he/she is speaking the truth is quite simple. Just allow him/her to finish narrating his/her story, and once done, make him/her repeat part of the story. If that person was lying, then he/she might remove a couple of details or add a few things to the previously mentioned story. As stated earlier, any deviations in the story is probably due to the fact that person is lying to you.

#4. Check for noticeable sweating

Under normal conditions, sweat comes out of skin pores when exposed to stressful situations, and lying falls in this category. Well, if you are talking to someone and you happen to see some sweat running along his/her body, then there are higher chances that the said individual is lying to you. In other words, sweat is one of the key indicators along other signs that clearly indicates there is something wrong or fishy going on.

#5. Proclaims honesty severally and repeatedly

Despite the fact that it is not easy to catch a liar, some signs are quite obvious. If you hear a person repeating phrases severally to emphasize the validity of his/her statements, notice that there is more than meets the eye! The use of phrases such as “believe me,” “to be honest,” “I tell you the truth,” and so on, are often some of the clear-cut indications that the story you are hearing is full of lies. In reality, most people do not use some of the above phrases or statements so often.

#6. Changes in tone or voice and excessive lip licking

If you need to detect a lying person, then keep a close attention to the voice or the tonal variation. Any voice changes (such as faster or slower-than-normal speech patterns) clearly indicate that the person speaking to you is dishonesty. Equally, stuttering or stammering may be another speech variation that reveals a lie. Similarly, excessive lip licking is one of the common signs that show sense of dishonesty. It has been known that when a person lies, that condition puts a lot of stress on his/her body, which results in repetitive body physical behaviours.


The list of simple ways of detecting a lying person is just endless. However, as stated in the introductory section, catching a lying person is not very easy, and with the above stated ways and simple procedures, you can easily detect even the slightest lines of lies. You must be vigilant in observing a person’s body movements and keep on asking the right questions that will help you reveal the truth.
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